1. Parents are also requested to send their child/children till the last day – just before the vacation, and the very first day after vacation. Because, this is the day when teacher informs student about upcoming description and instructions.
  2. No leave would be allowed in the session, except due to an emergency. So, your child should NOT BE ABSENT during educational session. Any leave or absence from school can destruct your child`s educational growth and mental attitude, and has strong negative impact on his/her mindset for life time.
  3. Student should reach in school five minutes before the school start time. Late coming students are sent back. We highly request you to help and support us to make your child punctual. And, if s/he is late due to any genuine reason, or s/he have to leave earlier, the student has to submit an application signed by the Parents/Guardian.
  4. The regular attendance of the student is must. Attendance should be at least 80% in the whole academic year. Due to any absence, written information by the parents/guardian must come. In case of absence, the written information is also must. Information by mouth is permitted only in severe case or in an emergency.
Course available on this address
#??, Samar Garden, Block G, Barkat-e-Hydri, North Nazimabad, Karachi. 74700 Ph: 03???   Uniform available from the address given blow
10, Samar Garden, Block.G, Barkat-e-Hydri, North Nazimabad Karachi. 74700 Ph: 021-36645922 Fax # 36645908 Parents-Teacher-Meeting or Parents-Teacher-Consultation
  1. Though, the conventional way of PTM or parent teacher meeting is necessary for educational and ethical development of your child/children, but we emphasize this event as parent-teacher-consultation more than parent-teacher-meeting.
  2. Parent teacher meeting or consultation is arranged regularly in school. The attendance and punctuality of the parents is must in these meetings. It has been experienced that those parents who do not attend PTM(s), their children have difficulty in learning.
  3. Moreover, when needed for the benefit of child`s future, parents could be called time to time by the school. Remember, you and school are just like a team, and this coordination provides your child the support to learn better and develop quicker. So, PTM is very important for your child(ren)s` improvement.
  4. In any special case, if you want to meet with class teacher, subject teacher or principal, please do make an appointment by calling school telephone numbers. Due to education standard and discipline, principal and teachers are not available all the time for any in-formal meeting. Punctuality and discipline are concrete.
Educational Growth and Analysis
  1. For the sake of educational growth in students, they are monitored regularly. Progress report is issued three times in a year. It is very necessary for parents to check the growth of their child.
  2. If a student is failed, s/he would not be promoted to the next class.
Internet and telephone
  1. Parents should also make sure that the Child(ren) may not use internet. Likewise, the usage of telephone/cell phone should also be very limited.
  2. Child(ren) must sleep earlier. So he/they fulfill his/her/their sleep.
  3. Usage of mobile/cell phone is strictly prohibited in school premises.
  1. Students are forced to adopt moral and ethical values in accordance of socials and Islamic values. If any student is found in any misbehavior, s/he is strictly handled by the principal/administration. As parents, it is your responsibility to check your child`s environment and behavior all the way.
  1. For transferring your child from AIFS, a written application will have to give to the school. No oral or telephonic request will be acceptable.
  2. Certificate is issued after clearing all dues. Remember, educational session for AIFS is from April to March.
  3. The admission in AIFS means student and parents have read, understood and accepted the procedure of education, educational system, and all terms & conditions. They do not have the right to object or reject whole or any term of school policy or rules & regulations.
  4. We hope a pleasurable and happy collaboration. And, InSha Allah, we at AIFS will continue our efforts for the educational growth of your child.