From the desk of CEO/founder

AIFS (Al-Ilm Foundation Secondary School) was founded in 2007, and Al-Humdo–Lillah, now the journey towards achievement and improvement continues. AIFS is registered by Govt. of Pakistan, and affiliated with Board of Secondary Education, Karachi. The current unethical environment and immoral character are affecting not even a child but an adult also. This leads to un Islamic and anti Islamic thoughts. Parents are not keen aware of the dangers of this unfaith methodology. People are going to destroy their worldly and ukharwi (life after death that is eternal) success unconsciously. So, where the thinking of human being is downward, it is highly needed that Muslim children should be educated in such an environment where they become mature Muslim intellectually and practically. Moreover, they may have an intuition to judge any Adaptation against Islam and Muslims. They might have the ability to face this Adaptation, and present the true picture of Islam. Aifs is the first step with this revolutionary thinking. And, you can also support us in this regard, by brain storming yourself that you would teach and train your children in an Islamic manner along with worldly education and skills to save their Eemaan (Islamic faith). This also should be considered that for progress and preaching of Islam, the worldly education and skills are a must as per Islamic education. Therefore, the school team tries its best to not to have any flexibility in education, and a child may be confident in each aspect. Allah may accept our intention and give us taufeeq (power, skills and opportunities) to achieve these goals.   Wassalam and regards.   Habib Ahmed Founder and CEO AIFS