Respected Parents!

AIFS is pleased on the occasion of admission of your child, and we pray for a long run and happy relationship with us in the future. Education is a two way process which consists of the school, and parents. No doubt, an educational institute has an important role            in child growth, but parents are also have a role model in them to inspire. Therefore, parents should pay and admit their role in character building and educational growth of their child/children. The last Prophet Mohammad (s.a.w.) said: A prime gift to a child by its parents, is a good upbringing. It has been observed that after admitting the child in school, parents try to assign all the responsibility to the school for the habitual and educational growth of their child/children. But a child spends only 975 hours out of 8760 hours in a year, which is 11% only of the total yearly time. It means the remaining 89% of the time, a child lives with his parents/guardian. So, for the educational growth and ethical upbringing of the student, parent and school (teachers and administration) might have to work together. For the betterment of child education, we at AIFS, always welcome your opinion and suggestions open heartedly. It is requested for your convenience to call us directly and talk on an appointment for a meeting with administrator/staff. More, you can also visit our website for details. AIFS administration also requests you to check your child diary daily, and maintain the record of school notifications for further guidance and information. Daily schedule of classes, is as under : .1         08:20 to 08:45                     Assembly .2         08:45 to 10:30         Teaching .3         10:30 to 10:45         Break .4         10:30 to 12:30         Teaching (Pre- Primary) .5         10:30 to 13:30         Teaching (Primary) .6         13:45                         Leaving Time   For the completion of our plans and standard schooling of your child, we hope for your fully cooperation, and expect you will follow all school rules and regulations. It is in behalf of your child also.   School Timing : Mon to Thu, Sat                  08:00am to 14:00pm Fri and Sun                           Holiday Annual vacation                  June/July & Ramazan   Admission inquiry and procedure : Mon to Thu, Sat                  08:30am to 12:00pm Fri and Sun                           Holiday